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Hello Kitty 40th Birthday Fun Run

Ever since I started running, I have enjoyed all my races and the themes of my races. Today marked a very emotional occasion for me as I'm Hello Kitty crazy and I got to run in the Hello Kitty Fun Run around Sentosa in Singapore.

30 days done!

Well I made it! My 30 days are done and I feel awesome. Thank you to everyone who has supported me physically, emotionally, or financially by sponsoring me in raising fund for The World Wide Fund for Nature. I smashed my first target of $200, and I got pretty close to my second target of $600!

My first run without music!

My beautiful friend Michelle and I went on an adventure run tonight in Bedok. We are doing a 4.3km charity run this Sunday and we thought we would go check out the track and have a practice. When we got there I discovered that my ipod didn't want to work.....

Weights session!

I love the feeling of being able to lift something heavy and as a girl be all like "See I'm a tough bitch!" But today my weights decided to say a big FU to me. In my last set of dumbbell overhead presses my arms just decided to stop working and I nearly dropped the weights.

14 days into 30 & feeling amazing!

WOW! I had planned on blogging daily but have been so insanely busy with my job and the charity I volunteer with that i just haven’t had time. Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the amazing people who have so generously sponsored me.