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The Music Run 5km

Just got back from running The Music Run by AIA at Sentosa. It was seriously one of the best I have done so far. Even though it was hot, and my time was shit, and I walked a bit, I LOVED IT. The vibe was amazing and there was music the whole way.

The Safari Zoo Run 2015

This is my second year running the Safari Zoo Run. Last year I was solo, with the huz getting up at ridiculous o’clock to stand side line and wait for me to run 6km through the Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari.

Hitting a plateau and then some goals

So I have been training very constantly for 5 weeks now, and I know it takes a lot,longer then that a lot fucking longer, and I still have no doubt that I will get there. I'm just sad. Tired and sad a lot. Weight Loss is easy, staying committed and changing your lifestyle to maintain health and weight loss is hard.